Monday, February 27, 2012

Colibri Mexican Cuisine

I was recently going out for dinner with a friend and we decided on Mexican. He suggested that we go to Colibri in Baldwin Park, because it was similar to Paco’s except they had a full bar and he could get a Margarita! I was excited – A New Mexican restaurant for me to add to my repertoire!
The ATMOSPHERE… Indoor or outdoor seating that overlooks the lake, casual and comfortable
The SERVICE… Standard, not overly friendly but not bad either
The FOOD… The menu is full of your basic Mexican dishes, with probably more seafood offered then most other Mexican places.
As I looked over the menu nothing seemed to jump out at me, so I decided on the Lake Fiesta Combination Platter with my choice of two items. I chose a Taco and a Quesadilla (both with Chicken) and it also came with Rice and Refried Beans - $9.99.
As we waited for our entrees we enjoyed (well, tried to enjoy) the Chips and Salsa. Not the greatest, but I’ve been to plenty of restaurants with mediocre Chips and Salsa that had really good food so I was not discouraged. Then came the meal…
It was certainly on a big plate, however the presentation was lackluster. There was no offering of Sour Cream or Guacamole, no diced tomatoes or anything that added the slightest bit of pizzazz, just a small portion of sad lettuce. (See Photo) Then to seal the deal… there was absolutely no flavor! A big disappointment! Although I let it slide this time, I was angry with my friend for comparing this place to Paco’s (which is Delicious). I will not be listening to his suggestions anymore, nor will I ever be returning to Colibri. I wish them the best, but I am not expecting them to stay open for very much longer.
I wished I would have read the reviews on before going there.
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