Friday, November 21, 2014

Waverly Restaurant - New York City

The Waverly Restaurant is a gem in the West Village.
Open 24 hours, they offer just about anything you could think of at any time of day!
I found myself there at about 4am after a night of heavy drinking.
(Thank God for auto-focus on my camera phone LOL)

I started with an order of Potato Pancakes with Sour Cream ($7.95)
Had I not been wasted and starving this would probably have been a full meal, however my intoxication told me that I needed more.

They offer several Greek dishes and since Moussaka is one of my favorites I usually order it whenever I see it listed.
($12.95, served with two sides)
For my two sides I got a Salad and Lentil Soup.
Both were good.

Then the Moussaka came out.
It was also pretty good, not the best I have ever had, but considering it was 4 in the morning and I could still get it I was not about to complain.

The portion size was decent, and although I should have been full by this point, I might have eaten a couple of my friend’s Silver Dollar Pancakes right off of her plate.
(The vodka made me do it)

From what I remember we had a great time and great food.
I hope I wasn’t too obnoxious to our server, that tends to happen when I have been drinking, however I feel like I basically behaved myself.
I would highly recommend going to the Waverly!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

HB Burger - New York City

So we went for a Wednesday matinee of Carol King’s Beautiful at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, and while we were waiting to get in we noticed HB Burger across the street.
We knew that we would be hungry when the show was over and since we didn’t really have anything else in mind we thought we would give them a try.
I don’t think either of us expected it to be so amazing, and by no means did we think it was going to be the best dining experience of our entire trip…. but it was!
Once we got inside we realized that the “HB” stood for Heartland Brewery, which we had been seeing all around town. This must be a popular place is there are several locations.

They did offer their own flavored Sodas on tap so we decided to get those, ordering one Cream Soda and one Orange Cream Soda ($2.95 each).
They were both delicious, and our server Erik was extremely attentive on refills and was also great at offering suggestions on what to order.

For our appetizer we ordered the Buffalo Chips.
(HB Seasoned Potato Chips with Rich Buffalo Ranch Dip $4.50)
They were delicate, yet crispy and full of flavor (with a bit of a kick).
We were off to a great start!

Then for my entrée I ordered the Buffalo Style Beef Burger.
(8 oz. Beef Burger, laced with melted Wisconsin Blue Cheese, topped with a mild Buffalo Hot Sauce, Lettuce and Tomato, served with Fries $13.95)

The beef was really fresh and had great flavor, and the blue cheese and hot sauce made it a way-above-average burger! The fries were good too!

My friend ordered the Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich.
(Marinated Beef Tenderloin with melted Pepper Jack Cheese, crispy Onion Straws and Chipotle Mayo on a Brioche Roll, served with Fries $16.95)
Although I didn’t taste it, it looked great and he agreed that this was the best restaurant we went to while visiting the city.

 Also when we saw that they had “The World’s Smallest Hot Fudge Sundaes” for $1.75 each we had to close out our meal with a couple of them.

They were served in glasses that were about the size of a large shot glass.
So fun!

Great place to get a Great Burger.
Great flavors and a Great Value!
I’m a Fan!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Renaissance Restaurant - New York City

Several of the bars that I like to frequent while I am in Hell’s Kitchen are located right around the corner from the Renaissance Restaurant, and since they serve their full menu 24 hours a day there have been many a drunken night that I have ended up there after a night of drinking.
When walking in it just looks like a simple diner (with an additional dining room in the back), but I have always experienced great service and large portions of delicious food.

They start with bringing out baskets of rolls and crackers, which is a great way to start soaking up all of the alcohol.

I started with an order of Disco Fries.
(served with brown gravy and melted mozzarella cheese $6)
I was extra-hungry this night and I gobbled these delicious Fries down immediately.

Then for my entrée I had the Goat Cheese Burger.
(burger topped with melted goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes $11.25)
I decided to get a Salad for my side item since I had already had fries as my appetizer.

The Burger itself was actually pretty good and I devoured it as well.

Although I still have yet to dine their sober, the Renaissance Restaurant has always been good to me, and their portions are no joke!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Aki 36 Sushi West - New York City

We had just arrived in New York City, it was around noon and our hotel didn’t have any rooms ready yet so we dropped off our luggage and just walked around looking for a bite to eat.

We knew that at some point during our trip we wanted to get Japanese food, so when we came across Aki 36 Sushi West we decided to stop in for a sit down lunch.
The hostess took us through the restaurant and seated us in the back right by the Sushi counter where the chefs we busy at work.

We both decided to order off of the lunch menu.
They offer any two rolls for $10.95 (and it also comes with soup or salad)
I decided to order Vegetarian choosing a Broccoli Roll and an Avocado Roll with Miso Soup.
He ordered the Orange Chicken with a salad for $8.55.
The Miso soup was fine, but I realized that I don’t really like Miso Soup (too boring) when I tried his Salad and wished that I had order it instead.

I loved my Sushi though. It was really fresh (and no browning of the Avocado which was nice).

I also tried his chicken and it was also very good, it had great flavor and a bit of a kick.

Our total bill with a drink was just over $20 and we were very pleased that we had gone there. Plus if we wouldn’t have eaten anything else that was Asian during our trip it would have been ok (although we did end up eating some more later in the week).

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament has been a successful tourist attraction for many years, and they have several locations across the country and even in Canada.
The Orlando location is on Highway 192 in Kissimmee and has been delighting audiences for as long as I can remember.

I actually had my first experience there recently and had a really nice time.
Although the sound quality is very poor and it is very difficult to hear what the actors are actually saying, the crowd still loves to cheer for their section’s team and the knights really do put on a good show.

There are no utensils and so everything is eaten with your bare hands.
You have your choice of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Water to drink.
It is a set menu and the first two items brought out are “Tomato Bisque” and “Castle Bread”.
Now I am certain that this is your basic “Campbell’s Tomato Soup” and a piece of frozen Texas Toast, but I also wasn’t expecting gourmet anything.

Next course was a Roasted Chicken, a BBQ Spare Rib, and an Herb-Basted Potato.
Although the little part of the Chicken that I did eat was very moist and tender, I just couldn’t eat very much of it and just picked at it a little bit.
(It’s a personal thing, Meat on the bone grosses me out)
The Spare Rib was the same thing – it had a nice flavor, but I barely ate any of it.
The Herb-Basted Potato was a joke. I don’t think any herbs were harmed in their herb baste, and it was dry and tasteless.

The Pastry of the Castle was my favorite thing of the entire meal. It was an Apple Turnover and actually tasted pretty good.

The ticket price is $62 and change, but is about $70 per adult by the time it is all said and done.
By no means should you go to Medieval Times for an amazing dining experience, however the show they put on is great and you will have a really good time.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

King of Falafel

My friends (who I trust on where to dine) have been telling me about King of Falafel in Kissimmee and I finally got time to meet them there for lunch.
Because of their praise I knew it was going to be good, however I did not expect it to be this good!
Turns out this place (located in a small strip mall – if you blink you might miss it) has been opened since 2009 and has gained all of its business by word of mouth and great customer reviews.

We walked in, grabbed a seat and were greeted by their very friendly staff who took our order.

We started off with a dozen Falafel
(Crushed Chick peas mixed with parsley, spices and fried in vegetable oil, served with tahini sauce $5.99)

I must say that I have had a lot of Falafel in my day, and this was probably the tastiest I have ever had.
The outside was super-crispy, and the inside was fresh and packed with flavor.

Now to drink they have what is labeled as “Tamarindo” and it is a self-serve (yay-free refills) Tamarind-flavored juice/drink. I’m sure it is not for everyone’s palette but I loved it and found it quite addicting.

Now most of the entrees come with your choice of Soup.
I had the Harira.
(Moroccan style soup with tomato base mixed with celery, lentils, cilantro, parsley, spices and chick peas)
I also found this to be really flavorful, with just the right amount of spice.

Then my Vegetarian Plate arrived.
(Hummus, Babaghanouj, Tabouleh, Falafel and stuffed Grape Leaves $9.49)
I really enjoyed the freshness of everything. The Falafel was indeed my favorite so I am very glad that we had the appetizer, because the two on this plate wouldn’t have been enough.

A basket of Pita was also served on the side.

My friend ordered the Chicken Ticka.
(Chunks of marinated chicken and a spicy hot blend charbroiled to perfection, served with rice and roasted vegetables $9.99)
I had a bite and although it was a little too spicy for my tastes I still thought it was pretty good.

Then for dessert I had two Baklavas, one Pistachio and one Walnut.
They were perfectly cooked and just sweet enough. Both were good but I preferred the Pistachio over the Walnut.

I am very excited to return to King of Falafel, I just wish they were closer to where I live.

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