Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Seasons 52

Seasons 52 is a national chain (Darden)
I’ve been to both Orlando-area locations but I prefer the Altamonte one because it seems to be a little less crowded
They are called Seasons 52 because not only do they have a menu that changes each season (four times a year), but they also have specials that change weekly (hence the 52)
Their claim to fame is “Seasonally inspired cooking with every item less than 475 calories”
With everyone being diet-conscience these days, this seems like a pretty smart concept.

The atmosphere is casual and there can be a wait at peak times
I dine there around once a year (or every other year)
For the most part I enjoy it

I think their Flatbreads are usually pretty good

I once had a Buffalo Burger and Fries that I thought was awful and overpriced
(won’t order that again)

The Dessert Shooters they offer are pretty awesome

However in all of my experiences at Seasons 52 I have never had anything as satisfying and delicious as the Vegetarian Tasting that I had on my last visit.
Quinoa-Citrus Salad, Soft Taco, Chili Relleno, Vegetables, Cedar Roasted Tofu, Mango Chutney $13.95
Some of the items were things I never would have expected to enjoy but they all had great flavor and were extremely fresh
Every bite was beautiful and not one piece of food was left on my plate
Overall I do like the place, more then once a year for me would be too much though
I have known a couple of people that are servers and like working there

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