Monday, December 30, 2013


On a recent trip to Tampa we checked out urbanspoon and saw that the current #1 restaurant was Datz.  We also saw that Datz Dough was also the #2 restaurant. Upon further investigation we realized that these two places were a joint-effort Bakery/ Restaurant with amazing reviews and a great selection of delicious-sounding flavor combinations!

We made a point to stop in for a Friday afternoon lunch. After barely finding a parking spot and putting our names with the hostess we still have a 30 minute wait so we went to check out Datz Dough (next door) for a Coffee Treat while we awaited our “text message” stating that our table was ready.
I’d like to point out that although we didn’t actually purchase any bakery items we did do some “window shopping” and they did have a lot of interesting sugary confections!

Upon being seated we ordered our appetizer… Uptown BLT (Three southern-style Fried Green Tomatoes topped with house-made Pimento Spread, crispy Pork Belly Bacon, shredded Lettuce & sweet-spicy Tomato Bacon Jam
It was a little heavy and greasy but had great flavor and I was very glad that we had ordered them!

Then for my entrée I decided on the Vandross Burger (juicy all-beef patty with tomato-bacon jam and white cheddar served on a split, glazed doughnut served with homemade sweet-n-salty chips with creamy, blue cheese drizzle and green onions $12).

This sounded like an explosion of great flavors. Now I have had “Glazed doughnut” Burgers before at a few different restaurants, but I figured this would be a stand out since they were making the Doughnut in house.
Once it was delivered I realized that the Uptown BLT was not the only thing from Datz that leans towards the side of “Heavy and Greasy”. There was no way to actually pick this up and eat it like a sandwich so I consumed it “Knife and Fork” style. The Doughnut was fresh, the Burger was juicy and although I enjoyed its flavor…. I never want to order it again (once per lifetime is enough for me), talk about artery clogging. It left me with a definite feeling of regret.
The Chips with Blue Cheese sauce were also good and fresh, but I don’t ever need to have them again either.

So based on my personal experience I am still a little confused… Datz is so many things… Delicious/Terrible/Can’t wait to go back/Don’t ever want to go back/Gotta order some of those Bakery Items/ OMG I ate too much/ Hey, want to go with me to Datz?

Love/Hate/Misery/Addicted/You should try it for yourself…. It’s definitely going to be an experience you will need to have!

Datz on Urbanspoon

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