Monday, July 22, 2013


I just had one of the most unusual, yet awesome dining experiences ever.
For several months a friend of mine who is also a Foodie has been trying to take me to this place called Pharmacy. He couldn’t really tell me a lot about it, but insisted that I would love it. After several attempts that resulted in scheduling conflicts we finally made it!

Check out their website HERE, it does not offer a lot of information, but gives you just enough to intrigue.

The Delaggio Plaza on Sandlake offers several high-end, or semi-high-end Restaurants, but you either have to look very carefully to find Pharmacy, or in my case go with someone who has already been. There is no sign and no door, in fact the entrance looks like an elevator… but once you press the button you are welcomed in to a “Speak Easy” style house of delicious food and specialty cocktails, brought to you by the same people that bring you The Table.

The place is rather small and there are only about 6 or 8 tables, and a bar. The menu offers 7 or 8 Appetizers, 3 or 4 Pizzas, and a handful of Entrees, that all change every few months.
The food is organic where possible and everything is made from scratch.

We decided on a couple of Appetizers to share…
Now keep in mind that these photos Do Not do these dishes justice because everything is served on large plates and bowls so the portions are definitely enough.

The Beet Salad, which also had Heirloom Tomatoes, Creamy Bleu Cheese and a Tangy Dressing. This was actually my favorite dish overall and I could have eaten the whole thing myself.

There was a Bone Marrow appetizer as well which I thought would have grossed me out, however I put my inhibitions aside and it was actually quite delicious. You scoop out some of the Marrow and spread it on toasted Bread, and then chase it with a tart Cherry. It kind of reminded me of a really tender Pot Roast and I’m very glad I tried it.

My friend ordered the Fried Chicken. Three pieces, a Biscuit and some Pickled Slaw. He really liked it, especially the way the Chicken was breaded, and he also had a decent sized “To Go” box for a midnight snack!

I decided on the Burger.
When it arrived I secretly questioned the size of the Burger, it was tiny… about the size of what you think of a “Slider” to be.
As I bite into it though I realized the quality of the Meat was exceptional and by the time I finished I was very full. The crispy Fries and homemade Ketchup were also really good. The Ketchup reminded me a little of the sauce you get with a Shrimp Cocktail.

I feel like our bill (with one additional Beer added) was around $80.

Pharmacy is the place to go if you are looking for something with a different environment and interesting food, great for small gatherings or special occasions. 

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