Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chan's Chinese Cuisine

I have driven by Chan’s Chinese Cuisine for years and always wondered what it was like (only never enough to actually go there). The other day a group of us were going out for Chinese and found that the place we had intended to go had closed, so we decided to give Chan’s a try.

The building is very old and desperately in need of some updates. As we walked in we were hit by that smell, the smell of old Chinese Food and Grease. (This probably should have been the time that we turned around, walked out and went to Wendy’s, however for some unknown reason we stayed).

We were asked if we wanted Dim Sum or if we wanted to order from the menu. Not being a fan of Dim Sum in the first place and especially not in a place that smelled like this we decided to order from the menu. They had reasonably priced lunch specials so each of us went that route.

I ordered the Mixed Vegetables with Fried Rice and Egg Drop Soup, thinking that these should all be safe bets.

The Egg Drop Soup arrived and I immediately thought to myself, “This was NOT the right choice”. It was thick and gelatinous and reminded me of a runny nose.
I had one bite but couldn’t bare to eat any more. Gross.

Then my entrée came out (after everyone else had their meals, hmm?).
The Vegetables were fine, just a little bland, and the Fried Rice would have actually been good had it not been so heavily salted.

Both of my friends had similar feelings about their meals as well.
Even the Fortune Cookies were stale and nasty. How does that happen?

After going home and looking them up on the internet I did read some good reviews of their Dim Sum. Perhaps if you enjoy that style of eating then Chan’s might not be so bad, but I do know that it is definitely not for me and I will not be returning.

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