Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wildside's BBQ - Wild "Fire" Burger

WildSide BBQ has been a staple in Thornton Park since 2001. I recall the very early days when it was a small “hole in the wall” building that was barely large enough to actually sit down in. Then I remember they expanded and made it a little larger, then a few years later it expanded even more with a new addition and a higher roof. Now everyone I talk to seems to know and love WildSides. They have branched out and opened a location in Kissimmee and the newest in College Park, where I recently visited.
The ATMOSPHERE… a sports bar feel where people go to watch the game, have a drink, or eat a meal, the TVs are LOUD so don’t go if you are planning on a quiet romantic meal
The SERVICE… we’ll skip that for now
The FOOD… Appetizers range from Gator Bites to Loaded Potato Skins, Dinner Salads, A wide variety of sandwiches including WildSide’s Famous Beef Brisket Sandwich (topped with sweet pickles and BBQ sauce), or get a House Specialty Entrée’s or Smoked BBQ platters ranging in price from $10.99 - $23.99.
There were a lot of people working that day, but still no one seemed to know what they were doing. We were greeted several times and then shuffled around from person to person before they finally decided on a server for us. The length we waited did give us plenty of time to look over the menu and both of us decided to get the Wild ‘FIRE’ Burger (Black Angus Beef, mixed with Gorgonzola Cheese, mild Buffalo Sauce. Served on Texas Toast with Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Crispy Onion Rings, served with Signature Steak Fries $8.99) I requested mine Well Done, while my friend asked for his Medium Well. When the Runner brought them out and put them in front of us we asked him which was which because they were cooked to different temperatures. He seemed puzzled and said, “let me go find out”. We thought this was a bit strange. When he returned he pointed to one of them and said, “This one was the Well Done”. (Not sure how he knew which one that was, I am assuming that he just guessed) I ended up taking the one that looked the darkest on the outside which ended up being cooked to my liking, however when my friend bit into his it was very bloody in the middle – not exactly what I would call “Medium Well”. As for the flavor of the Burger, my complaint is that I could not taste any Bleu Cheese or any Hot Sauce (This has been a complaint of mine at other restaurants when ordering a “Specialty Burger” where you can not taste the ingredients that are mixed in with the meat) The Steak Fries were OK, The Burger was not bad, it just lacked the flavor that I was expecting by the menu description. The Texas Toast it was served on was larger then the Burger patty and you ended up with a lot of extra bread. Since there are so many other restaurants that I prefer going to for either BBQ or Burgers, it will probably be a while before I could get talked in to going back to WildSide’s.
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