Monday, November 5, 2012

Linda's Winter Park Diner

From time to time I enjoy having a big breakfast from a Diner or “Greasy Spoon” establishment. I realize that to many this is NOT “Fine Dining”, but to me it is comforting and in many ways I prefer it to going somewhere “Fancy”. They are by no means healthy, but every once in awhile I like to indulge.

Linda’s Winter Park diner has been one of favorites for many years now. When I lived on that side of town I would get off from work around 3am and I would wait until 5:30am when they opened and be their first customer.

The Food is standard, the prices are affordable, and it is the type of place where the waitresses remember you even if you haven’t dined there in over a year.

I was there recently and had my usual, Bacon & Cheese Omelet, with Home Fries and Wheat Toast ($6.50). There is something about their Omelettes that I just love! Instead of the Eggs and Ingredients all being mixed together and then grilled it is like the Egg forms a “Burrito” around the crispy Bacon and melted Cheese.
I also am quite fond of their Home-Fried Potatoes. I’m pretty sure they just drop them down in the Deep Fryer because they are always perfectly browned on all sides. It is probably my favorite breakfast around.

My friend had the French Dip with Fries and was very pleased with it as well.

I had purchased a Groupon where I got $20 worth of food for $10. This more then covered our meal and we both left with full bellies and smiles on our faces.

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