Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thai House

Thai House on Colonial Drive has been in this location for several years. I have dined in this building before when it was something else, and when it became Thai House I never bothered to give it a try until recently when I met some friends there who had been talking it up.

There is nothing special about the exterior or interior of the building, it’s just OK.
The service was friendly and our order came out promptly.
But the Food is what makes this place so great!

When we arrived there were already some Thai Spring Rolls on the table that our friends had already ordered. (Cabbage, Onion, Bean Threads and Carrots in Rice Roll skin, Deep-Fried and served with a Sweet Plum Sauce $3.00) They were crispy and the Sauce was sweet and we gobbled them up immediately.

Then I quickly decided to get the Cucumber Salad (Cucumbers, Tomato, Scallions, Carrot, Shallots and Onion in Sweet Tangy Thai Dressing $2.95) I couldn’t believe how fresh it was, so good!

For my entrée I had Chicken Phad Poong Galee (Yellow Curry simmered in a Coconut Milk, Celery, Carrot, Bell Pepper, Scallions and Onions “lunch special” $6.50). The Chicken was tender, the Vegetables were plentiful and the Sauce had a nice Coconut flavor.

I also had a bite of my friends’ entrée, which was Phad Sam Lot (Deep-fried slices of Meat topped with a sweet-spicy sauce on a bed of steamed Cabbage, Broccoli, Baby Corn and Snow Peas $9.95). It was so sweet and the Meat was so crispy that the next time I go I want to order it for myself.

We also split an order of Fried Cheesecake for dessert ($3.95). It was good but unnecessary and I think next time I will pass on dessert.

I have some other friends from Tampa that come to Orlando upon occasion and they love all forms of Asian Cuisine. This will definitely be a place that I look forward to taking them to in the future.

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