Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bento Cafe - Orange Chicken Bento Box

I had been to the Bento Café downtown a couple of times, but I recently tried the one on Sand Lake road where I met some friends for a lunch meeting. To quote their website “Bento offers quick, casual Pan-Asian cuisine in a stylish and friendly atmosphere”. I agree that place was stylish, the service was fast and friendly, but most importantly the food was really tasty!
Bento Café offers Sushi, Noodle Bowls, Rice Bowls and Bento Boxes, and they are all at very affordable prices.

I decided on the Orange Chicken Bento Box (Lightly fried with green peppers in an Orange Glaze $8.25). The Bento Boxes are served with White Rice, Noodles, Ginger salad, Vegetable and Dessert, so you really get a taste of everything. The Chicken was tender and the Orange Glaze was sweet and delicious!

My friend also ordered the Edamame ($3.95) and I tried it as well, very delicious!
I recommend Bento Café is you don’t mind a chain and are looking for a lunch that is quick, inexpensive and delicious.

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