Monday, August 6, 2012

BubbaChuck's BBQ - Winter Haven, FL

My friends that live in Poinciana have been talking about this amazing BBQ place they go to called “BubbaChuck’s”. They have been trying to get me to come out for a visit so that I could try it as well. Yesterday I finally made it out there, I tried it, and now I am ready to make the hour plus drive back just to have it again.

What I understood about this place ahead of time was that the owners were BBQ competitors who seem to have won a lot of prizes in local and regional competitions. They had a catering business and then opened up the restaurant because of the demand for it. I also knew that they were only opened Thursday through Sunday, and were often extremely busy.

As we walked in I was starving and excited. I noticed that the windows were lined with all of the trophies they had won from many years of BBQ cook offs. We walked up to the counter to order (This is where I would like to mention how all the staff was friendly and personable). I decided on the Pulled Pork Sandwich (This is what I usually order from a BBQ restaurant and it is what I base my like or dislike of the place on.) I also got a side of Tater Tots, Bean Bites and the Dessert of the day, which was a Banana Pudding Cake.

As I went to the drink station to get my Iced Tea I noticed all of the sauces; Mustard, Spicy, Original and one that was labeled “Award Winning”! I tasted them all but realized that “Award Winning” was for me, it was Sweet with a little bit of a Kick. Our food was delivered shortly and I couldn’t wait to dive in.

The Pulled Pork Sandwich was served on Toasted Bread and had Cheese on it. It is served without Sauce, and unlike most BBQ places the meat was so tender and delicious that I didn’t even need to add too much Sauce to it. Something else I noticed about it was that it was not very greasy, and although I still ended up using several napkins it was because I am messy, not because the sandwich was greasy! I ate every bite.

The Tater Tots were extra crispy and well seasoned.

The Bean Bites were very unique, they take their Baked Beans and wrap them in Wonton Wrappers and then Deep Fry them. They are crispy on the outside and sweet on the inside. They are equally interesting and delicious!

My friend ordered the Fried Okra and I had a few of them, they were also really good!

The Banana Pudding Cake was tasty. All of the yummy flavors of Banana Pudding in the form of a Cake, and since none of the bananas on top had started to brown yet I knew that it was really fresh.

The only bad thing that I can possibly say about BubbaChuck’s is that there is not enough parking. We lucked out and got a spot, but we had difficulty leaving because we were blocked in. We were there around 3pm on a Thursday, and I understand that on peak times parking can be a nightmare. However this only means that eventually they will have to expand or at least address the parking situation, because the Food is SO GOOD that the community will demand it! If you are ever in the area please give BubbaChuck’s a try. You will be glad you did!

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