Monday, June 30, 2014

Savoury's Restaurant - Mariposa, California

While visiting Yosemite National Park we stayed at a hotel just outside in the city of Mariposa. There is an area of about 4 city blocks where there are several quaint eateries so we decided to just park and walk around until we found the one that caught our attention. After seeing the elegant yet casual ambiance through the window and reading the menu that was posted outside we knew that Savourys Restaurant was going to be the one.

We were promptly seated by the hostess and then our server (the receipt says his name was Will) came to greet us and get our drink orders. We also put in an order of Bacon Wrapped Dates ($10) for our appetizer. They arrived in no time and were a fantastic blend of sweet and salty.

Fresh Bread with Olive Oil and Vinegar was also brought to the table. As Will took our order he gave us helpful suggestions on what was most popular (the reason I even mention his name is because he provided us with exceptional service throughout the entire meal, checking on us just enough but not overdoing it, well appreciated)
My friend had one of the specials which was a Pasta and Seafood dish, while I decided on the Stuffed Red Bell Pepper (quinoa, black beans, red onion, garlic, cumin and feta $16.50)

Both meals came with choice of Soup or Salad,
 but when he told us that the Salad consisted of Spring Mix, Red Onion, Carrots and Candied Walnuts and that they made all their Dressings in house I really had no other option. I chose Blue Cheese and although it was made of simple ingredients it was the best Salad I have had in a really long time.

By this point I was so pleased with everything that I really didn't even care how my entrée tasted, however when it arrived I knew just by looking at it that it was going to be good.
What a brightly colored dish!
The Pepper was tender (when I make them at home sometimes they are a little too firm) and the filling was a beautiful mix of flavors… The Cumin gave it great spice, while the Quinoa and the Black Beans gave a heartiness, and then the Feta rounded it out making it possibly the best Stuffed Pepper I have ever had.

I sure am glad we came across this place. 
Savourys is definitely my favorite place we have been to so far on this trip.
They have great ambiance, top notch service and outstanding food - which to me are the three things that make a perfect restaurant.
Highly recommended.

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