Friday, March 2, 2012

Texas de Brazil

Texas de Brazil is a “Churrascaria” style restaurant that has sustained local popularity for about ten years now. It is rated #2 on Orlando Urbanspoon. Over the past several years I have been there probably 10-15 times, and it is about time that I write a review of it.

The ATMOSPHERE… Located on International Drive across from Festival Bay, Texas de Brazil is a large space with nice décor. It is a great place for a date, a large group or anything in between.
The SERVICE… Reservations are highly recommended (otherwise you will wait). Once you are seated, your server will explain how the restaurant works and give you all the details, but the basics are you have a card that you turn to one side when you want to help yourself to the salad bar, and then you turn it over when you want the “Boys with the large skewers of meat” to come by your table and bring you their varies types of meat (There is usually about 8 different types).

The FOOD…The Salad Bar is by far the best Salad Bar I have ever been to (In fact I usually just get that instead of the meat – More on that later) Cheesy Bread, Sweet Plantains, and Garlic Mashed Potatoes are all brought to your table, and various cuts of meat range from things like Top Sirloin, Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Brazilian Sausage. They also have a full Bar, an amazing Wine selection and if there is room they have some outstanding Desserts.

Normally a visit to Texas de Brazil runs about $40-something per person, however there is an option for $20-something where you just get the Salad Bar and no Meat.
Because they have such an interesting and creative Salad Bar, I usually opt for that. It saves me both money and that really bloated feeling for the rest of the night. However I was recently there dining on Valentine’s Day for lunch, and there was a special of $25 per person, which included Dessert! That is half of the normal price, so I had to indulge! Although I still had mostly Salad, I still ended up leaving feeling bloated! If you dine at Texas de Brazil for the first time you will have a unique experience with large quantities of food, and if you are a returning customer look for one of those specials so that you can save a few dollars Texas de Brazil Churrascaria on Urbanspoon

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