Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tolla's - Chicken Touscan

A year or so ago I tried Tolla’s in Winter Park because I has purchased a Groupon and got a pretty good deal. I remember it tasting pretty good and being very fresh. I also remember that our server was very nice, and at the end of our meal she talked me in to signing up to their email list because they would send out occasional coupons and you got a free meal for your birthday.
Well it was just birthday time for me, and sure enough I got a free entrée coupon, and since we had a couple guests visiting town we decided to return and see if they liked it.

Sitting on Pennsylvania Avenue, a little bit off of the beaten path of Downtown Winter Park, Tolla’s is both cute and cozy. They have a small inside dining room as well as a screened in dining area that is a little larger and quite nice during good weather. It is climate controlled and you feel like you are inside because the screen allows you to see out, without being seen by people on the outside.
As we arrived around 12:30 on a Tuesday afternoon we opted for the screened in seating. There were only two other tables dining and just one server. We decided on a few appetizers while we waited to order out main courses.

First the Bread came out with the Oil and Vinegar to dip it in. Nothing too special about the Bread, but it was a nice first bite.

Then the Pepper Shooters (stuffed with provolone and Prosciutto) were delivered. The briny peppers combined with the chunk of Provolone and the Prosciutto made for a nice second bite.

Then our next two appetizers came out: Pan Fried Fresh Breaded Mozzarella (which were huge wedges of Mozzarella perfectly coated and perfectly crispy) and a special Pasta appetizer (Little Pasta Purses filled with Pear and Four cheeses). The Pear gave it a sweetness, while the four Cheeses gave it a saltiness that was interesting and very tasty.

Then for my Entrée I decided on the Chicken Touscan (Pan seared chicken with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, smothered in gorgonzola with white wine garlic sauce over bowtie pasta). First out was a Salad with Mandarin Orange Sesame Ginger Dressing that was out of this world. The Salad was extremely fresh, and the Dressing was thick and sweet. Then when my main dish came out I was so excited after the first bite. I loved the combination of the Sundried Tomatoes and the Artichokes, and you could definitely taste the tangy Gorgonzola in the sauce. The Chicken was lightly Pan fried and very tender. The whole dish was very successful and although I had consumed a ton of food already I managed to eat every last bite. The three other people I was dining with ended up taking home doggie bags, but it was so delicious that I couldn’t resist eating it all! I look forward to getting another free entrée coupon next year, and I also have several people that I occasionally dine with, so I plan on taking them also because I don’t want to have to wait another whole year to return.

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