Friday, March 28, 2014

Costa's (Tarpon Springs, Florida)

By way of a recommendation, while visiting Tarpon Springs we went to Costa’s for lunch three years ago. We found ourselves in that neck of the woods again and went back for a second time (and I believe we each ordered the same thing that we did three years prior).

There is a “no frills” ambiance, but also the feeling that this place has been around for a while consistently serving authentic Greek Food that keeps people coming back for more. At peak times there can be a wait, and although the staff is small they seem to have what they do down to a science. This being said if you are in a hurry I would advise telling them up front to bring your check when they deliver your food.

Speaking of their Food I decided to get a little of everything by ordering the Greek Combo Platter (Mousaka, Pastitsio, Gyro Meat, Dolmades and Tsatsiki Sauce $16.99).
This came with plenty of Bread and Butter,

As well as my choice of Soup or Salad, where I opted for the Lemon–Chicken–Orzo Soup.

The platter was good. Both the Mousaka and the Pastitsio were decent, not the best I have ever had, but good. The generous portion of Gyro Meat was slightly too greasy for me, but the flavors were spot on. I could have cared less about the Dolmades, but the Tsatsiki was also very fresh and very tasty.

My friend had a big platter of Seafood consisting of Smelt and Octopus and he was thrilled, claiming it to be so fresh. I don’t eat Seafood, but he sure liked it.

I had a gracious plenty to take home with me, which made for some great midnight snacking. I think that the next time we go to Costa’s I will try something else, probably their Spanakopita.

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