Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hamburger Mary's - Big Kahuna Hawaiian

Sitting on the second floor of a building overlooking the heart of YBOR City is Tampa’s Hamburger Mary’s. Having previously visited the Orlando location a couple of times and enjoying the Burgers, I was in Tampa on a Friday night I found myself at this location where not only did I get an amazing Burger, but I also got an amazing show!
The ATMOSPHERE… Although there are similar features to the Orlando location this one appears to be much larger with high ceilings and on this particular evening there was much more of a party atmosphere. The music was loud, the place was packed, and there was a drag show hosted by Daphne Ferraro that was very entertaining.
The SERVICE… Apparently a reservation would have been a good idea, however I managed to find a spot at the bar and my bartender/server was very efficient and the food came out quickly.
The FOOD… The Burger menu is similar to the Orlando location, but with a few different options. Plus at this location you have your choice of Sirloin, Kobe, Chicken, Black Bean, Ahi Tuna, Turkey, Buffalo or Salmon (talk about choices). They also have a full bar with a generous pour.
I decided on the Big Kahuna Hawaiian (Mary’s Teriyaki Burger with Bacon, Sliced Grilled Pineapple, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle) I had originally wanted the Buffalo Patty, however I was told that they were out, which ended up being just fine because the Sirloin was so good that I didn’t miss it. The Pineapple and Teriyaki Sauce gave the Burger a sweet and refreshing taste, and the Bacon and Cheddar added saltiness making it a mouthgasmic experience. Some friends of mine that were sitting across the bar later showed me some pictures that they took of me devouring my Burger. I must have enjoyed it because I ate every last bite. Now for my side item I chose to get the MMMMac ‘N Cheese for a $2 upcharge because the description stated that it was “Homemade and Creamy”. I was not let down. I cleaned out that bowl as well, had a cocktail, and enjoyed the rest of the show. I have now been to both of Florida’s Hamburger Mary’s locations and I must say that they both serve one hell of a Burger!

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