Monday, January 30, 2012

Whiskey Dicks - Black n' Bleu Burger

Driving downtown Orlando a few weeks ago I saw a place called Whiskey Dicks. Obviously a name like that will get your attention, but I just assumed that it was another Dive Bar like all of the others in the area. Then when I saw that they were offering a “Food or Drink Groupon” for $20 (that only cost $10) on the internet I looked them up. I couldn’t find a good website, and their Urbanspoon reviews were anything but stellar, but the price was so good I figured that even if it was terrible I wouldn’t be at much of a loss.
The ATMOSPHERE… A typical “Downtown” bar feel, nothing more, nothing less.
The SERVICE… It was not busy when we went for lunch, however the bartender/server was attentive and friendly and made us feel very welcome.
The FOOD… Bar Food, with an emphasis on Appetizers, Burgers and Sandwiches
When I asked which Burger I should get I was told that the “Black n’ Bleu”(Bleu cheese encrusted blackened Burger topped with onion straws) was great if you liked Bleu cheese – Cause there is a lot on there. OK Sold!
He was correct; It was covered with a generous amount of chunky Bleu Cheese. The Burger patty was made fresh. The waffle fries were good. All in all – A very Good Burger! I left pleasantly surprised, I only hope that they will get a better website of at least a better, updated Facebook page.
Whiskey Dicks on Urbanspoon


  1. Urbanspoon has the incorrect fb link... here is the correct link:

    Also, the website is being redone for the one year anniversary.


  2. Beautiful Burger!! Got to look this place up!