Monday, June 24, 2013

Hamburger Mary's Jacksonville

I have been to the Hamburger Mary’s in both Tampa and Orlando and had pleasant experiences in both, so when I was recently in Jacksonville I decided to try their location as well.
It is an older building that has been touched up (in proper Mary’s fashion) with very nice décor including vintage memorabilia. There is also a large “outside dining area” which could possibly be an expansion at some point.

Now on to the food… There were two of us and we both decided to get Burgers. (It is called Hamburger Mary’s after all)
My friend had a Plain Burger with a Black Bean Patty and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, and I had The “Mac Daddy” (topped with creamy homemade Mac and Cheese, slices of American Cheese and Mary’s Sauce) with Sweet Potato Fries. I also swapped out my patty for the Black Bean Patty.
The Black Bean Burger was really tasty and the Mac and Cheese was creamy and definitely homemade. The Sweet Potato Fries were also really good!

Each Hamburger Mary’s seems to be a little bit different, but we are lucky here in Florida because all three have really good food.

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