Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mario's Restaurant

I was recently with my mom in Daytona Beach and I wanted to take her out for Mother’s Day. I know all of her usual restaurants that she frequents and I wanted to take her somewhere she had never been so with a little research on the internet I came across Mario’s Restaurant. It is an Italian-Style “Family Owned” business that has been serving Ormond Beach since 1953. Not only did it seem like the kind of place she would like, but the reviews were also pretty good so I thought we would give it a try.

Mario’s is quite large with a full bar and multiple dining rooms (which I’m sure they open depending on how busy it gets or for private parties). The atmosphere reminds me of an “old-school” Steak and Ale (which use to be a favorite of mine) with dim lighting (which is why I had to use the flash for my pictures) and decor that is obviously from the fifties.
We arrived right as they opened at 4:30 so that we could take advantage of their ‘Early Bird” menu. All of the dinners on this menu (served from 4:30 until 6pm) come with Mario’s House Salad and Homemade Italian Bread.
Our server asked if we wanted Plain Bread or Garlic Bread, and of course we went with the Garlic.

Highly Recommended!!!!
The Loaf comes out hot and it is slathered with Butter, Parsley and tons of fresh Garlic!
It is so delicious, feel free to eat it up and ask for more.

The Salad was standard, but fresh and good. The Bleu Cheese crumbles were generous and I was very happy with it.

For my entrée I ordered the Vegetable Lasagna (made with Eggplant and Spinach $12.99).

It was a good sized portion which would normally would have been enough for me to take some home, but I had saved up my appetite and managed to eat it all with no problem.
It was a really hearty vegetarian dish and was swimming in the most perfect Marinara and plenty of Mozzarella!
It was also served with a side of steamed Vegetables.

My mother liked it so much that she has already taken my Dad there at least once, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mario’s becomes a frequent part of their dining repertoire.
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