Friday, May 23, 2014

The Smith - Midtown East

Having been to the Upper West Side location of The Smith for Breakfast twice on our trip to NYC, we knew that it was going to be a good safe bet for our final meal in the city. We had an afternoon flight, but figured that we would first have a nice leisurely lunch at the Midtown East location before heading to the airport.

This one had the same d├ęcor, the same unisex bathroom and the same top-notch service. We had been eyeing the lunch menu on line so we all knew what we wanted ahead of time. They started by bringing around some Bread and Butter. The Bread was extremely hard on the outside and we wished that we had the Cheddar Chive Biscuits that we had previously had but that might just be something they do during Breakfast hours.

For an appetizer we had the Hot Potato Chips (Blue cheese Fondue $8). These were pretty good. It was a mound of freshly made Potato Chips, drizzled in a mild Cheese Sauce (almost like a Bechamel) and then sprinkled with chunks of Blue Cheese. I with the sauce had more of a bite to it and that there had been more Blue Cheese Chucks, but this being said we still devoured the entire bowl!

My Mom ordered the Chicken Pot Pie (Cheddar Chive Biscuit Top $20).
It was enormous. She pealed back the Top (which she ate most of) and ate as much of the Filling as she could – but this meal definitely could have fed two people.

My Dad had the Grilled Chicken Paillard (Mozzarella, Arugula, Marinated Tomatoes, Fire Roasted Red Pepper, Parmesan Dressing $19). This was another huge portion. The Chicken Breast had been pounded thin and took up the entirety of a very large dinner plate, then was covered with all of the toppings. This was a fairly healthy and delicious dish.

As for me I hadn’t had a Burger yet on this trip so I opted for the Burger Deluxe (Special Sauce, Cheddar, Bacon, the Works $17). By no means was this the best Burger I’ve had, probably not even in my top 20, however it did taste fresh and I enjoyed the Bun (even though it was slightly too large for the Patty which drives me crazy).

Still I really enjoy The Smith, and the next time I am in new York City I look forward to dining there again.

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