Saturday, May 24, 2014

Wo Hop - Chinatown

It was around 2am and I was with my buddy who suggested we grab something to eat. He said he knew of a place in China Town that would be open, so we hopped in a cab and headed straight to Wo Hop.

Up stairs or down stairs, with very basic d├ęcor and bright lights.
Hot Tea, anyone?

Started out with some Fried Dumplings – Super Delicious!!!!

Then we had Broccoli with Black Bean Sauce and a Shrimp and Vegetable Dish.

The Chicken Wings scared me and I didn’t try them.

Some Urbanspoon reviews indicate that the Downstairs part has different Food then the Upstairs part, who knew?

Very glad I went and I had a great time catching up with my friend.
The Fried Dumplings were good enough to go back for, especially if I ever find myself wasted in NYC craving Chinese Food in the middle of the night again!
It could happen.

Wo Hop on Urbanspoon

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