Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries - Bacon Bleu

The building where Denny’s use to be across from the Fashion Square Mall has been split into two store fronts. One half is a Jimmy John’s, and for the past several weeks I have seen that the other half was going to be Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries. I have been driving by frequently to observe the progress, and much to my excitement I saw an OPEN sign the other day.

I remember the Florida Mall use to have a place in their food court called Boardwalk Fries where you would just get your Fries and then dip them in Cheese Sauce, Gravy or Vinegar. Well after checking out their website I realized that this is the same place, only now they have Burgers as well! (Always fresh, never frozen)

As I walked in it reminded me of FIVE GUYS BURGERS, and the Atmosphere, Service and Menu were all comparable. One thing I did notice is that there were way too many people working. (At one point I counted twelve employees, and none of them were doing very much) However, at the time of my visit they had been open less then one week, and most new restaurants tend to over staff at the beginning until they have ironed out all of the kinks.

I decided to get one of their Signature Burgers – The Bacon Bleu ( Two Patties, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Crumbled Bleu Cheese, Bacon and Grilled Onions) and from their “Free Topping” section I decided to add some Pickles. One cool thing is that you can choose what kind of Bun you want. (White or Wheat) I went with the classic White and decided to add some of their “Famous” Fries. Much like FIVE GUYS you really don’t need to get any larger then a “Small’ order, because it was still plenty!

I just had water but my friend had a Soda, and they have one of those Coke machines where you press which blend of soda you want on the touch screen and then it makes it for you. It is pretty neat at how many choices you can make, but the bad thing is that there is only one machine and the line to use it was rather long and there was a wait.

One really nice thing about Boardwalk is that they offer punch cards which will give you a free meal after you have purchased six combo meals.

Now on to my review of the food, as I unwrapped my Burger I was pleased with the way it looked. I was so excited to take the first bite! The ingredient quality was quite good. The Bleu Cheese was sharp and tangy. I was very satisfied. The Fries were just as I remembered them to be and I nearly devoured every single one. (Next time I will probably try dipping them in Gravy for an additional 99 cents.) All in all I really liked it. Once again I would like to say that Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries is VERY SIMILAR to FIVE GUYS. I’m not sure if I can pick a favorite between the two. I am afraid that FIVE GUYS might be slightly cheaper. But if you are a fan of one I would bet that you would be a fan of the other. Try them both and then let me know what you think. 
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