Tuesday, April 24, 2012

El Potro - Buffet

I have been to couple of El Potro locations and I really enjoy their lunch buffet. Where else can you get a Mexican buffet anyway? I recently visited the one on Conroy and Kirkman and it went a little something like this….
The ATMOSPHERE… Standard Chain Mexican Restaurant, most of them have indoor and outdoor seating
The SERVICE… Friendly, Fast
The FOOD… They have a full Mexican menu to order from, but honestly the only reason I go is because they have a buffet.

I have my routine of the items that I like from El Potro…

My first plate consists of (what they call) Chimichangas, (Burritos stuffed with seems to be seasoned Pot Roast meat that have been lightly fried) then I drizzle with spicy Queso. Then to the plate I add a Cheese Quesadilla topped with Guacamole and some Potatoes.

My second plate usually has another Quesadilla with Guacamole and Cheese, a few more Potatoes and some sweet fried Plantains.

Then my third and final plate usually has a couple of Cinnamon Custard Taquitos, some Flan and maybe a couple chunks of fresh Fruit.
Sometimes I see something that looks especially good or I want to be different, but I am usually quite content sticking with the tried and true. If I have been there enough times where I have my “usual” buffet items, then I guess the food must be pretty good. I also like that not only is it rare to find a buffet that serves Mexican food, but for about ten dollars (that price includes getting a beverage) you will leave very full!
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