Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill is a Miami based chain with a location in Winter Park Village right next to the movie theatre. I have been there a couple of times since they opened and I am still on the fence as to whether or not I like it.
The ATMOSPHERE… Clean, Spacious and Industrial
The SERVICE… Order at the counter and they will bring your food out to you
The FOOD… Typical “Americanized” Mexican Food such as Tacos, Burritos, and Quesadillas with a “Healthy” Twist
To quote their website “Why’s our food so good?
We use the best ingredients available, including humanely raised meat and produce that’s delivered daily and prepared on-site for all our homemade salsa, sauces and sides. Plus, we really care if you like it. We make your meal however you want it, bring it out to you and bring it back if it’s not perfect. We’re cool like that”

With the feel of the place and the menu items I really want to like Lime. I love the health-conscience concept and as long as the food was delicious then this would probably be one of my new places. That is where the problem begins… There are plenty of other local restaurants that offer this same type of food. I tried several items from the Lime menu and then compared them to the same item at another place and decided which one I prefer the taste of.

Lime’s Homemade Queso Dip vs. Tijuana Flats’ Queso
Lime is a little on the “plain” side with really boring Chips, T.F. wins for flavor on both the Queso and the Chips.

Lime’s “I wanna Tijuana Taco” vs. Taco Bell’s Double Decker
I would call this one a tie. Lime’s tastes a little “fresher” but Taco Bell’s is way cheaper.

I will say that the Lime has a Bacon and Bean Quesadilla that is really flavorful and delicious, and is an item that I haven’t seen anywhere else. A+ for that!

They also have a really good Salsa and Hot Sauce Bar (no additional charge for dine-in customers) that you can top all of your items with to jazz it up or give it some heat.
All in all I would not give Lime any awards for “Best Mexican” Food, and there are other places that I definitely prefer for certain things, however I do appreciate what they stand for and that Quesadilla is absolutely worth having again.

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