Saturday, May 26, 2012

Uno Chicago Grill - Bacon Cheddar Burger

On a recent afternoon I found myself in the I Drive area and as we drove by Uno Chicago Bar and Grill we realized that neither one of us had been there in years and decided to give it a try to see if it was the still good.
As we walked in we realized that it was a very large place with very few people dining in it. I didn’t have the greatest feeling about our choice, but we were already seated and I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.

From the “Hand Made Burger” section I ordered the Bacon Cheddar Burger – Well Done. When it arrived it actually looked quite good, it was definitely a Homemade Patty, the bacon looked good and the Challah Roll looked fresh and delicious.

Then I bit in to it and realized that it wasn’t well done at all, in fact it was pink and cold.

OK, send it back (which I hate to do, but I did want to enjoy my Burger) The only probably now is that my friend already had his meal and he shouldn’t have to wait for mine to come back out. Then the manager came over for the save and offered me a complimentary soup from the soup bar, then listed the choices for the day.
I helped myself to the Broccoli Cheese Soup while my friend ate his meal, then about the time he was done my Burger came out and this time it was cooked correctly and was actually quite tasty.

My biggest complaint was not that my Burger came out wrong, (It happens) but my portion of the bill was $15 for the Burger and the drink (not including tip), as well as the fact that we were there for over an hour and a half. I feel that although it did end up being a good Burger that you can get just as good a meal somewhere else for much less money, an in half of the time.
As I look at the 10 previous locations of Uno on I see that 6 of them are already closed. I wonder if this location will be able to survive.

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