Tuesday, July 8, 2014

C Casa at the Oxbow Market - Napa Valley, California

The Oxbow Public Market is a 40,000 square foot marketplace that features a diverse mixture of local food vendors, artisan cafes and is an organic produce outlet for local farms. I discovered it online and it intrigued me with its variety of places to grab a quick bite of something fresh and local.

I searched through the vendors on their website and knew that when I visited I wanted to try something from C Casa because their menu and their prices were just right for me.

When looking further at their website I found that their product was even better for you then I thought. Check out more information about their Values by clicking HERE.

I was between meals, so I wanted just a snack to hold me over until dinner.
I decided on the Avocado Taco (with Corn Relish, Poblanos, Green Onions, Mixed Greens and Avocado Crema $4.50).
It was ready in no time, so I found a spot to sit and began to feast on this enormous Taco!

The flavors of all the ingredients were so bright and fresh that I was extremely pleased with my order.
Plus it was so over-stuffed that I had to eat everything that fell out with a fork.

Well worth the money, and if I ever find myself at the Oxbow Market I will gladly return to this wonderful gem called C Casa!
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