Saturday, July 19, 2014

Salito's - Sausalito, California

On our last afternoon in California we headed from San Francisco to Sausalito to walk around for a little while. We enjoyed the quaint town and asked a local where we should have a nice lunch and they recommended Salito’s Crab House and Prime Rib.

We walked in to the large restaurant, which had both indoor and outdoor seating and a breathtaking view.

Although there were plenty of fresh seafood options on the menu I noticed that they also offered a little bit of everything.
The first thing I noticed on the menu was something called House-Made Kettle Bread with Straus Butter and it was only 95 cents. I ordered it right away with our drinks because for that price – even if I hated it who would care?

It came out right away and I was blown away – it was an entire cast iron skillet filled with a huge loaf of bread and a side of butter. I cut it in half and began devouring the fresh, hot bread. It was so good! Quite honestly I would have been happy with just the bread alone.

Then our drinks arrived, he had the Chili Beer (choice of beer, tomato juice, chili rim $9.95)
He had it with corona and loved it, said it had a nice spice with the chili rim.

I had an iced tea. It was served with a carafe on the side, which was a very nice touch because they didn’t have to keep refilling me.

Neither of us were super-hungry (plus we had just eaten all that bread) so he ordered Bay Shrimp Cocktail (with house-made horseradish cocktail sauce $10.95).
It was as cute as could be, and he seemed to enjoy it very much and said it was just the right size.

I liked the sound of Organic Beets Salad (Mt. Tam Cheese, Avocado, Almonds, Red Onion $11.95) so that’s what I ordered.
It was also just the right size, and although it wasn’t in the description it also contained Hearts of Palm, which was a total bonus for me. The ingredients were all very fresh and had a nice citrusy dressing that I really liked.

For being someone that doesn’t like Seafood, I sure liked Salito’s. They have many things on the menu that cater to just about everyone, and the freshness and quality are top notch.

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