Friday, October 28, 2011

Hamburger Mary's - Blue Boy Burger

Hamburger Mary’s is a national chain with eleven locations. The one we have here in Orlando sits downtown on Church Street right next to the railroad tracks. Not only do they offer Shot Specials every time a train passes, but they also have Bingo on Tuesdays, Trivia on Wednesdays, and Female Impersonator Shows on the Weekends.
The ATMOSPHERE… Pastel colors that look like the set from the Golden Girls, a life size statue of “Mary” to take photos with as you exit, and your bill will be delivered in a red high heel shoe
The SERVICE… Service with a smile! Be sure to make a reservation for any show because the place gets packed for their weekly events
The FOOD… AppeTeazers, Souper Salads, Special-Tease, (right from the menu-I’m not making this up) but most people order one of the colorfully named Burgers (Proud Mary Burger, Barbra-Q Bacon Cheeseburger, Buffy…The Hamburger Slayer)
And then finish your meal with the Deep Fried Twinkies! Oh… and I have to mention the Full Liquor Bar (with great drink specials and bartenders with a heavy pour)
I started out my meal with Mary’s Black & Blue chips (Thinly sliced potato chips, deep fried, then topped with melted blue cheese crumbles and a balsamic reduction drizzle… $7) These crispy Potato Chips are well balanced with the “Salty” Blue Cheese and the “Sweet” Balsamic Reduction making them a mouthwatering AppeTeazer!
For my Burger I decided on the Blue Boy Burger (Blue Cheese Crumbles and Bacon topped with Blue Cheese Dressing. It is the cheesiest of them all…$10.50) I realize that I am going to be in “Blue Cheese Overload” with the selections that I ordered but I am OK with that! I upgraded my side item to Sweet potato fries for a dollar more. The Burger arrives, I bite in to it, It’s delicious! Served on the Bun with Shredded Lettuce and Pickles the Bacon is Crisp, the Beef is cooked just as I had asked, and the Blue Cheese is plentiful.
 I was expecting Hamburger Mary’s to be a “Kitschy” place with only mediocre Food, however I was thrilled to find that the Food Quality and Taste were both Top Notch.

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