Monday, October 17, 2011

Holy Cow - Blue Cheese Burger

Out in Albuquerque one evening looking for somewhere to have a tasty dinner we stumbled upon Holy Cow. After being lured in by the interesting building we were greeted with a huge sign on the wall that said “Burgers”. Could this be Heaven?
The ATMOSPHERE… Industrial Chic. Nice use of color.
The SERVICE… Your Burgers are served as if it was a fine dining establishment.
The FOOD… Several Burgers to chose from, or build your own, shakes and floats, french fries, onion rings, zucchini fries
I saw that the menu listed a Blue Cheese Burger (Bacon, Blue Cheese Crumbles and Grilled Onions, $9.50) and I decided to add Avocado for $1 more to complete it with all of my favorite ingredients. (Does not include side item) When it arrived I was so excited, what a great presentation! As I dove into it I was fairly pleased, the Beef was good, the Bacon was good, the Blue Cheese was good, the Avocado was good. I would have liked less Grilled Onions because they overpowered the Burger a little, and I would have liked the Bun to be a little less massive and dry. I ended up removing the top portion of the Bun and eating it “Knife and Fork” style, which was just fine by me. Our total cost with two Burgers, one Coke Float, one Orange Cream Soda float, and an order of Zucchini Fries was almost $32, and with tip was right at $40. Since we were on vacation we didn’t mind and really enjoyed ourselves, but if I was a local I might find the prices a bit high. I also wish that they had a proper website. I hope that they are successful because there are a lot of things about the place that I really like.

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