Monday, May 6, 2013

Johnny's Other Side

Johnny’s Fillin Station has been a staple Bar/Bar Food Joint in this area for many years. Their claim to fame is their title of “Best Burger’s in Orlando”, where they got that title I’m not really sure – but it is a good Burger. In fact Johnny’s was the first place I ever reviewed back when I started this blog.
A few years back they added a second restaurant on the other side of the parking lot simply called “Johnny’s Other Side”.
When you look at the menu on their website the food has more of an upscale feel to it, but I think the website is outdated because on my recent visits that is not the menu that I have seen at all.
The food is along the same lines as Johnny’s Fillin Station but the menu does offer several different options and it is a different kitchen with different cooks. 

I have recently been there a couple of times and really enjoyed the things I ordered, plus on a nice day their outside covered dining area is a great place to dine with a group of friends.

The Black Bean Veggie Burger is my favorite. The patty is made fresh on the premises and has tons of flavor.

I also had the Eggplant Sandwich. The breaded Eggplant is perfectly crispy yet somehow they managed to keep it from being greasy.

Regardless of what you order you should get a side of Tater Tots with it!
The next time you are planning to have a couple drinks and some Bar Food give Johnny’s Other Side a try, especially if the weather is nice.

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