Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Greek Corner

I love Greek Food and have tried it from Florida to New York, but nothing has compared to The Greek Corner. I feel very lucky that my all time favorite Greek Restaurant is about ten minutes from my house.

 Open since 2005, this modest eatery with a quaint atmosphere sits across the street from Lake Ivanhoe. There is indoor seating, but if the weather is nice I recommend sitting outside and enjoying the ambiance.

Greek Restaurants often lean towards Mediterranean Cuisine offering things like Falafel and Hummus. The Greek Corner does not do this, if anything they lean a little towards American (offering Chicken Wings and Burgers) and Italian (offering Pastas and Chicken Marsala).

As for the Food, what makes me love this place so much is their Gyro!
Gyro Sandwich – a mixture of Ground Beef and Lamb, combined with Herbs accompanied by fresh Tomatoes, Onions and Tzatziki Sauce, wrapped in grilled Pita Bread and served with Fries or a Salad $9.95

The Gyro meat is so Garlicky and Well-Seasoned that I just can’t get enough of it. There have been many occasions where I have just gone there and gotten some Gyro “To Go” ($5.50 includes a side of Tzatziki Sauce), and of all the many places that I have gotten Gyros over the years I have never had such a flavorful one as here at The Greek Corner.

Other standouts that I have enjoyed are the Chicken Kebob Salad (Marinated Greek style Chicken over fresh Garden Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, Olives, and Feta Cheese topped with House Dressing $9.95). There is tons of tender Chicken on this Salad and you will not leave hungry.

The Moussaka (Alternate layers of Minced Beef, Roasted Eggplant and Potato topped with Bechamel Sauce, served with Salad and Greek Roasted Potatoes $15.95) is also pretty amazing. Because of how good it was the first time I tried it here at The Greek Corner I have also ordered this dish at Greek Restaurants everywhere but most places make it with a Tomato-based sauce (making it too Italian for my tastes) and nowhere has ever been able to compare to this masterpiece.

Even the Greek Burger (Crispy Bacon, Feta, Lettuce and Tomato served with Fries $9.95) is really pretty good and a great choice for someone who is a “Greek Beginner”.

Even if you have your favorite Greek Place or you are new to Greek Food, I encourage you to try The Greek Corner. They keep things simple but pack in the flavor!

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