Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tijuana Flats

Tijuana Flats is a Tex-Mex Chain that started here locally in the Orlando area by a college student with big dreams back in 1995. I actually started going to Tijuana Flats back in 1995 when there were just one or two stores and I have been enjoying them ever since. There are currently 92 stores with locations spread over several states.

They have a great website if you want to read more about them, but I’m here to tell you why I personally like them.

I enjoy the quirky atmosphere filled with bright colors and plenty of things on the walls to look at.

I also enjoy their “Hot Sauce Bar” with everything from Sweet Sauces like “Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally” to the hottest of the hottest like the “Colon Blow”. They have their own brand of Sauces that are for sale so once you find the one you like you can take home a bottle.

But the main reason I love Tijuana Flats is their Delicious Food.

Always fresh and quick, always served with a smile, and always leaving you very satisfied.
They have specials like Two Tacos, Chips and a Drink for $4.99 on Tuesdays.
They also have great Combo meals and the Best Queso Ever!
I have been known to go and just get Chips and Queso from time to time.
I love, love, love this place!

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