Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The BriarPatch has been a Park Avenue staple in Winter Park for as long as I can remember, at least 20 years now. They serve Breakfast and Lunch Daily, closing at 5pm.
In the past I have only been there for lunch and thought that it was just ok, but the other day I had the pleasure of having their breakfast and now I can say that I am a fan.
It is actually a small space with both indoor and outdoor seating, however they have done a great job at maximizing their space allowing them to seat quite a lot of people.

My friend ordered two things, first the Spinach, Goat Cheese and Sausage Omelette ($11.50) with an English Muffin and Cheese Grits. (I must say that on delivery I was a little jealous of his Cheese Grits)

Secondly he ordered the special of the day, which was Blueberry and Lemon Curd Pancakes. It was Enormous! I tried them and they were super lemony and very decadent. He ended up taking most of them home with him. (I bet they were delicious later on that day)

As for me I ordered the 3 Pepper Colby-Jack Omelette (Tomato, Bacon, Avocado $10.95). It was delicious! There was a little heat from the spicy cheese, and I was impressed by the quantity and quality of the Bacon and Avocado. There was no skimping on ingredients that’s for sure.
The Home Fries were fine (next time – Cheese Grits) and the English Muffin was surprisingly large and perfectly toasted.

So my thoughts on the BriarPatch are that their prices are just a little bit too high, but this IS Winter Park and that is to be expected. I also think they go above and beyond with the quality of their ingredients so it is ultimately worth it.

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