Monday, September 2, 2013

M Street Kitchen - Los Angeles

So after a beautiful day at the beach and a walk down to the Santa Monica Pier we had built up an appetite and decided on lunch at the M Street Kitchen.
This is a super-cute restaurant with ample indoor and outdoor seating, and they also have a fantastic bakery as well.

There were several things on the menu that sounded great to me and it was hard to narrow it down so I decided to get two things.
I started with the Chicken Summer Vegetable Soup (Pulled Chicken, Sweet Corn, Heirloom Tomatoes, Squash, Toasted Barley $8).
The fresh Vegetables and the Chicken were a perfect balance of flavor making this quite a hearty dish. It was beautiful to the eye and pleasing to the mouth. Honestly this was one of the best Soups that I have ever had.

Something else then really caught my eye on the menu and I thought it would complete my meal perfectly was the Roasted Beets and Asparagus Salad (Bibb Lettuce, Goat Cheese, Herb Vinaigrette $13).
All that I need to say about this Salad is Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!

My friend ordered the Blue Cheese Burger (Maytag Blue Cheese, Crispy Onions $14), and I must say that I was a bit jealous when it was delivered to the table.
Oozing with Blue Cheese and smothered in Crispy Fried Onions, what really seemed to make this head and shoulders above the rest was the thick cut “Candied” Bacon.
(I did try a piece of the Bacon and it was fantastic!)

To put in simply, I love this place! When I think back on my trip to Santa Monica I will remember two things #1 How beautiful the Beach was and #2 What a great meal I had at M Street Kitchen!

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