Monday, September 9, 2013

Hubbly Bubbly

While driving down Edgewater a few weeks back I noticed that the building that use to house BlackWater BBQ had a sign saying “Hubbly Bubbly Coming Soon”. The name was easy enough to remember, and being a sucker for a new restaurant I looked them up on line when I got home.

Much to me excitement it was a Falafel Shop! I love Falafel!

Now some of you are asking, “What the hell is a Falafel?”

Well a Falafel (Fuh La Full) is a blend of ground chickpeas, herbs and spices, shaped into balls and fried until crispy. Not only are they Vegetarian but they are usually Vegan.

So by way of their Facebook page I realized that today was their first official day of business. They were also giving away T Shirts to the first 50 customers (however I went later in the afternoon and was not one of the first 50).

Parking can be difficult as there are limited spaces, and it also sits on a side of the street with a Median so even getting to the Hubbly Bubbly might call for a little maneuvering.

The space was nicely decorated with about 6 small tables inside, and about another 6 outside.

The first thing you do is go up to the counter and place your order, then you go down the line as they make your order.

The staff was very friendly and helpful.

It was very hot inside and they had several fans going.

Now on to the food…..

I started out with a Falafel Pocket Sandwich ($4.99). I had it topped with Bubbly Salad Blend, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Tahini Sauce.
I wish there had been more of the Tahini Sauce, but I’ll know to ask for extra next time.

My friend had one similar with Tabouli and one of their Hot Sauces. We both enjoyed these very much. (maybe a little pricey for how small they were? But very tasty)

I also wanted to try their Hummus ($2.99). It was served with Pita Chips.
The Hummus itself was adequate, but the Chips were way too thick for my liking.
I wish they had separated the Pita Bread before cooking it, which would have given a thinner, crispier, more dip-able chip.

We also had an order of the Mazel Tots (Extra crispy tater tots tossed with signature five-spice seasoning $2.99) In theory I liked these as well, they had a nice flavor and reminded me of a Latke. My complaint with them was that because they were so large they were really not that crispy. I feel like had they been a little smaller then they could have achieved the crispiness that the description claims.

Still, of the two side items that I tried, the Mazel Tots were the ones that I preferred.

Both the Chicken Shawarma and the Lamb & Steak Shawarma looked pretty good and I would like to try them at some point. Hubbly Bubbly did not blow me away on the first visit, however it was good enough that I would like to try it again.
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