Saturday, September 28, 2013

Little Saigon

Located near Mills and 50, Little Saigon has been one of my “Go To” Vietnamese Restaurants for about 15 years now.  The food is inexpensive, fast and consistent, and whenever I can get Julie as a server it is a bonus because she always remembers what I like.

I like to start with their delicious Iced Tea

And an order of Summer Rolls!
Made fresh to order and served with (probably the best I’ve ever tasted) Peanut Sauce.

Then I either get them to make me a Noodle and Vegetable Dish

or the #30 (Sauteed Tofu, Broccoli, Onion over Rice $6.95)

It is especially good with the Hoisin Sauce.

Most of the people that I dine with order some sort of Soup and are usually rather satisfied with it so I feel like that is probably the popular thing to get.

They have a huge menu so you will definitely find something you like, and if you get an Appetizer, an Entrée and a Drink then you will probably get out of there for around $10-$12.

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