Monday, September 16, 2013

Smokin' J's Real Texas BBQ

I was going to St. Petersburg to meet a friend and watch a play. I had made plans to meet her and since she was familiar with the area I told her to pick a good place to eat before the show. She said, “I’m gonna take you to the BBQ Place, It’s really good and you will like it!” That’s all I needed to hear since recommendations like this are usually spot on. This “BBQ Place” was Smokin’ J’s, and my friend was 100% accurate!

Smokin’ J’s Real Texas BBQ is located in Gulfport. They can literally call it Real Texas BBQ because the originators are former BBQ Competition Winners from Dallas.

Smokin’ J’s is a House-turned-Restaurant that has several tables inside. As we entered I was surprised that we were the only ones dining in, but I realized that they also have a pick up window and many people seem to walk up and get their orders “To Go”.

You will find many of your favorite BBQ items on their menu, but as soon as I saw their Pulled Pork Sandwich with a side and a drink for $8.50 I decided not to look any further.

It was delivered in no time, and as I peeled the foil back from my sandwich I was excited to see how big it was. My side of Baked Mac-n-Cheese was rather large as well. Oh Happy Day!

A quick squirt of their Sweet BBQ Sauce and I was off and running. The generous amount of Pulled Pork was tender and juicy, and the Kaiser Bun was quite substantial and held up to the sandwich. (Sometimes these places use a simple Hamburger Bun that can’t handle the weight and the Meat goes everywhere, so this choice of Bun was a nice touch.)
The Mac-n-Cheese was also very good.

If in the area I would highly recommend Smokin’ J’s, you can tell that it is a favorite of the locals and I am so thankful that my friend introduced me to it!

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