Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sunflower Cafe at Hoover's Market

Hoover’s Market in Altamonte Springs has become one of my favorite places to shop and have lunch.

Celebrating their 40th anniversary, Hoover’s is a grocery store that specializes in organic and locally grown produce, specialty health foods, and an array of vitamins.
Think of a non-chain, family owned “Whole Foods”.

They have great Breads from a local bakery in DeLand,

And they also have a great “Bulk Bin” section that offers just about anything you could want.

However my favorite part of Hoover’s is the Sunflower Café!

I love to order a custom created Veggie and Cheese Sandwich made with Organic Produce, House-made Hummus, and a little bit of Love!

And the greatest thing is that a Sandwich on Bread is only $3.99

And a Wrap is only $4.99

They have a couple of tables outside to sit at while you relax and enjoy your lunch.

For a healthy, organic, delicious lunch you really can’t beat it!

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