Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gateway to India

Gateway to India is a restaurant that I have driven by many times and thought that I would like to try it someday. It looks as if it were an old Pizza Hut but I’m not 100% sure and it is located on 434 not too far from 1792 in Longwood.
I recently gave their Lunch buffet a try.

The ATMOSPHERE… Definitely an old Pizza Hut, but with fairly nice décor - nothing fancy

The SERVICE… The Food is self serve, but the staff was very friendly and attentive to our drinks and bringing fresh Naan

The FOOD… Standard Indian Buffet – but pretty Basic. Rice, Salad, Two Vegetable Dishes, One chicken Dish, a Lentil Dish and a Dessert 

I believe that I tried everything that was on the Buffet. My least favorite was the Chicken because it seemed as though it had been sitting there for a while and didn’t have much flavor. Everything else was pretty good. I especially enjoyed the Vegetable dishes and would have been perfectly content just having them. I don’t recall how much it cost, but I remember it not being too expensive.
Rarely am I on that side of town so it is doubtful that I will return, besides there are several other Indian restaurants that I enjoy much better that are also closer to where I live.

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