Friday, April 26, 2013


Many of the reviews of Italio compare it to Chipotle (only Italian food instead of Mexican). Yes the look and feel is very similar, the way you order your food is very similar, but there is one big difference… the amount of choices!

As for Chipotle I have loved it since day one, but there you choose either Tacos, Burrito, Salad or Rice Bowl, then choose from about 4 kinds of meat, then customize it with about 12-15 topping choices. Double Meat and Guacamole cost extra, and if you want a side item you are limited to only Chips.
At Italio first you decide if you want Pasta (Regular or Whole Grain), Salad (Romaine or Spring Mix) or a Piadina (Italian Wrap, similar to a Burrito).
Then you choose your protein (Steak, Grilled Chicken, Fried Chicken, Shrimp, Italian Sausage, Meatballs or Veggie).
Then customize by choosing your Sauce (3 choices), Pesto (3 choices) or Dressing (4 choices) followed by adding as many as you like of Veggies (11 choices), Favorites (8 choices) and Cheeses (4 choices).
In my experiences they have not even charged extra for getting additional Meat!

What I like to get is the Whole Grain Pasta Bowl. I get it “Veggie” which comes with sautéed Zucchini and Baby Portobello Mushrooms, and I add sautéed Peppers and Onions, Chickpeas, Eggplant & Sundried Tomato Caponata, Spinach, Bruschetta, and Basil Chiffonade. The last time I got a little Artisan Alfredo Sauce as well as some Fresh Basil Pesto, and then I finished it odd with Feta and Piadina Croutons.
It was such a large bowl of Pasta and even without the meat it was so hearty and filling. Had I not been such a pig that day it would have been the perfect amount to take half home for later, but it was so good that I just kept eating and eating.

For dessert I had the “Cannoli” chips (served with Sweet Cream layered with Chocolate Chips). I think they were about $3 and although they were good they were not special enough for me to order again.

But I will definitely be returning for one of those big bowls of Pasta and a Drink for under $9, I can’t think of another place that you can customize your own dish with that many choices for such a cheap price!
As of right now there are only two locations of Italio, but I would be highly surprised if they do not make the big time! This will be a big deal…. Just you watch!

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  1. We love your photo of our cannoli chips, and have plans to post your picture on our social networks. We'd like to say thanks by sending you a card for $5 off your next visit. Please email us your mailing address — or if you will not allow us usage of your photo. ~Italio Social Media Team,