Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Texas Roadhouse

Recently in the Winter Garden area we were looking for a place to eat when we spotted Texas Roadhouse and decided to give it a try. As we walked in and looked around I realized that this place was just like Logan’s Roadhouse or Roadhouse Grill (are they all the same company?).

As the hostess guided us to our seats she spewed out her rehearsed “schpeel” with no excitement whatsoever, but our server was very nice and full of personality.
They have a variety of Hand-Cut Steaks in the window, they have peanuts on the table (which usually end up all over the floor),

and they keep bringing out Yeast Rolls (with Cinnamon Butter),

however although I took part of the whole experience I kept thinking to myself “I can’t wait for this to all be over”.
I didn’t feel like eating any meat that day and was hoping to find something halfway decent that was Vegetarian. Our server suggested that I get the Country Vegetable Plate, I feel like it was about $9 and did include my choice of four side items.

I chose a House Salad (standard, but good),

Buttered Corn (tasted like it was from a can), Fresh Vegetables (Broccoli and Carrots – not sure about their definition of Fresh)

and Sweet Potato (with Marshmallow and Caramel topping – Delicious, but way too much).

I ate everything on my plate, but looking back my Salad was my favorite item (which seems a little sad).
My friend had the Pulled Pork and BBQ Chicken Combo. He didn’t care for the Sauce that the Pulled Pork was slathered in, but he seemed to like the Chicken enough.
The prices aren’t bad, and for this type of food I guess it was OK, I think this place just isn’t for me.
All in all I feel like Texas Roadhouse was a predictable and lackluster, and nothing stood out enough to make us want to return.

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