Saturday, April 20, 2013


I had been to Paxia on Edgewater Drive in College Park before, but whatever I ordered previously must not have made an impression on me because not only could I not recall what it was but I remember thinking that it wasn’t very good. When some friends wanted to meet there for dinner I thought “OK, I guess it will be fine” but I didn’t expect my meal to be very good.
I am happy to say that they proved me wrong and changed my opinion.

When I got there I noticed a different décor, they have knocked down some walls, which opened the place up and gave it a whole new look.
Both the restaurant side and the bar side are now much more inviting!

After we were seated our server brought out some Chips and Salsa which were very good. The Salsa was very fresh and had a slight kick to it, tasting much better then your standard Salsa from most places.

For my entrée I decided on the Huitelacoche Quesadilla (Corn Truffle, Goat Cheese, Corn Relish, Cotija Crust $13).
When the server placed it in front of me my first thought was of how beautifully the dish was presented, it was so colorful that even if it wasn’t that good they would gain points visually. Then as I took my first bite I knew that the flavors were balanced just as well as the colors were. Salty, Cheesy, Crisp and Fresh!
I’m so glad that I returned to Paxia for another visit. Makes me want to give some other restaurants another chance.

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