Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mr. Quick

Mr. Quick is an old school Diner on Highway 50 near Kirkman that has been around since 1976. They used to be 24 hours, but now they close over night. It is set up like a Waffle House (only slightly bigger) where you can sit at a table or at the counter and watch as they grill up your order.

Not the cleanest place in the world, and it definitely could use a makeover.
The service is lousy, in fact the last time I was there the server (if you could call her that) just came up to us and said “What do you want?” My reply to her was “a Menu”

Now, this being said, I would like to go on the record saying that the Food is Fantastic! And the Prices are Great!

I always get the Hungry Man special! (3 Eggs, Choice of 2 Meats, Grits, Hash Browns and Toast $7.19) What a bargain, you are not going to get that much food for that price anywhere else.

It’s good and greasy and everything is swimming in Butter! (Obviously not healthy, but you don’t go in to a Diner like this worrying about fat or calories.)

My friend ordered the special that day which was Chicken Parmesan. (Fried chicken Breast served over Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese and a side of Garlic Bread $4.99) He really enjoyed it and once again the price was right.

So, if you are looking for fine dining, impeccable service, and great ambiance then go somewhere else. But if you are looking for good ole greasy comforting food at a low price then Mr. Quick is for you!

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