Monday, April 29, 2013

Yoder's Restaurant

Yoder’s Restaurant and Amish Village has been a Sarasota tradition since 1975.

They have a Fresh Market (Deli), a Produce Market and a Gift Shop, but the main thing Yoder’s offers to draw people in is their Restaurant.
There will be a line so be prepared, but it will definitely be worth the wait!
Yoder’s is known for their “Award Winning” Pies, Home Cooked Meals “Comfort Food” and Homemade Baked Goods.

Once seated your server will bring you Homemade Bread and Yoder’s famous Apple Butter. It is sweet and delicious and you can feel free to purchase a jar to take home with you at the check out counter.

There were three of us dining and my friend that lives in Sarasota ordered a Chicken Salad Sandwich ($5.95) and an order of Onion Rings (add $2.65).

My other friend had heard how amazing Yoder’s Fried Chicken was so he had the Quarter Chicken Dark with Amish Potato Cakes and a Tossed Salad ($9.95). It has actually been three months since we were at Yoder’s and he still keeps asking me when we can go back for some more of their Fried Chicken!

I wanted Chicken too, but I didn’t want bones so I ordered the Chicken Fingers with Mac & Cheese and Chicken Stuffing. Everything on my plate was so good, especially the Chicken Fingers and Stuffing. The Mac & Cheese was just OK, but by no means am I complaining.

Then came time for Dessert. Although we didn’t really need it, you can’t go to Yoder’s without having a slice of Pie, besides they have over 25 different varieties to choose from.
We had one piece of Butterscotch Cream, one piece of Banana Cream and one piece of Southern Pecan. I tried all three and must say that they were all quite good. It seems like a lot of people go there just for the Pie, or else they take one with them to go.

Ultimately I am glad that I don’t live in the Sarasota area because I would find it very difficult NOT to go to Yoder’s all the time! However the next time I am within 30 miles I will absolutely make the extra drive to get some more of their delicious food!

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